Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Secondary Syphilis with Cancer of the Bones,Colic,Anti-Dysenteric Pills


Page 61
Him. Oint.
[Recipe]. Hogs Lard [2 ounces]
114. Spermaciti. [3 ounces]
Goulards Ext. [1 ounce]
Tinct Opii [2 drams]. M.
Powder used in Intermellent
[Recipe]. Pulv. Rhai. gr. XV.
115 Pulv Armat. gr. V.
Kali Vilreolat. gr. XII
[Recipe]. Gum Arabic [1 dram and a half]
116. Bals. Copaiva [2 drams]
Aq. Rosa. [6 ounces].

Page 62
Cathartic Pills.
[Recipe]. Submur Hyd. gr. X.
117. Pulv. Gambogia. gr. Iii
Elatirium. gr. [half].
Pulv. Ialap. gr. V.
" Rhai gr. V.
Ol. loarui gtt. X.
M. f. Pil. No. 6.
These Pills very useful in
bilous fevers after an
Emetic has been given.
[Recipe] Nit. Acid [2 drams]
118. Aq. font. [8 ounces].
Syph. Bu.