Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Plaster in Hepatitis Dyspepsia & consumption,Belladonna Plaster for Hepatitis Neuralgia,Laxative Pills


Page 57
Dodd's prescript. in Gonorrhea
[Recipe]. Extract. Cicuta. [1 dram].
105. Gum Opii gr. X. M.
Divid. In Pil. No. XV.
Two of which are to be taken
every 2 ho. & continued until
vertigo & disagreeable sense
of fullness is experienced in
the head. Eberle 2 v. p. 498.
[Recipe] Turpentine, Soap, Quick-
106. lime, in equal propor-
tions a valuable rem-
edy in Whittoe---
Quincy. July 31st, 1843.

Page 58
Febrifuge Mixture
[Recipe]. Nit. Potass. [2 scruples].
107) Antim. Tart. gr. Ii
Syrup . Simp. [1 dram]
Aq. Fervent. [8 ounces].
M. 2 table spoon full every 2 hours.

Goulards Cerate.
[Recipe]. Cera Flav. [4 ounces].
108. Ol. Olivi. [1 pound].
Ext. Saturn. [4 ounces].
Aqua font. [6 pounds].
Melt. The wax & oil together
& when the mixture begins
to cool add gradually the
extract & water.