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Physician's Journal Cover


  • Wine-whey,Barley Water,Rice Water


Page 3
Wine-whey -- is made
by adding from a gill O [half].
of wine to O [1] Barley milk,
straining without pressure to
separate the curd which is
formed, & sweetening the clear
whey with loaf sugar.--
Forms a safe and grateful
stimulus in typhoid fevers,
& other febrile affections.

Page 4
[Recipe]. Barley Water.
1. Pearl Barley... .[2 ounces]
Boiling Water... .2 quarts
Before adding the boiling
water, let the barley be swill
washed. Boil it to one half
and strain. A little lemon
juice, & sugar may be added.
[Recipe]. Rice Water
Rice... ... 2 oz.
Let it be swill washed & add to it
Water... ... .2 quarts.
Boil for an hour & half, add
Sugar and nutmeg, as
much as may be required.