Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Pneumonia,Aperient,Alkaline,& Aloes Pills


Page 55
Pomatum to prevent the
Hair from falling off.
[Recipe]. Maurate [1 dram] of powd.
101. Canthar. In an [ounce] of spt.
of wine & feller. 10 parts
of this Tinct. to 90 of
Lard. to be mixed well.
Oint. For Itch.
[Recipe]. Brown Soap. [1 ounce]
102. Table Salt. [half ounce].
Flor Sulph. [half ounce]
Alcohol f. [1 dram]
Vinegar f. [2 drams].
Chlor. Lime [half dram].
One fourth used in friction
morning & evening.

Page 56
[Recipe]. Bals. Copaiv [1 ounce]
103. Spt. Nit. Dulc. [half ounce].
Tinct Opii,
Spt. Camph. aa [1 dram]. – M.
a teaspoon 4 times daily.
[Recipe]. Bals. Copaiva
104. Tinct. Cubebs. aa [1 ounce].
Spt. Nit-Dulc. [half ounce]
Tinct Opii [1 dram]
Sacch. Alb. [1 ounce].
P. g. Arabic [1 dram].
Aq. fontana [8 ounces]. M.
A tablespoon full 3 or 4 times
daily. in [illegible] phlegmatic