Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Tonic Astringent Pills,Injections in Stercoraceous


Page 53
Purgative for Children.
[Recipe]. Ol. Tiglii gtts ii.
98. Sacch Alb. [2 dram]
Gum Arab. [half dram]
Tinct Cardam. f. [half dram]
Aqua distill. [1 ounce 2 drams] M.
Given in doses of 2 [unreadable]
spoonfulls every 3 or 4 ho.
until it operates.
Indigo in Epilepsy.
[Recipe]. Powd. Indigo [half ounce]
99. Aromal. Powd. [half dram]
Syrup q. s. to
make an electuary.
This at first taken in 2 days &
afterwards in One. Indigo increas
ed to 6 or 8 drahms a day.

Page 54
Chloruret of Lime in
[Recipe]. Chlor. cale. [1 dram]
100. Extr. Opii. gr. IX.
Mucil G. Arab. q.s. f.
54 Pil. at first one to be
taken every 2 or 3 ho. & grad
ually increased til 8 or 10
or 12 are taken every hour.
injection made by dis-
olving XXiV. grs. In aqua
[6 ounces]. adding Vin. Opii [half dram].