Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Purgative Pills,Injection in Gonorrhea,Chronic Diarrhea


Page 51
Antiphlogistic Syrup.
[Recipe]. Injubes, dates, figs, raisons aa [half ounce]
95. Pectoral flowers.* [2 drams]
Poppy flowers [1 dram]
Gum Arabic [3 ounces]
Mucil. Marsh Mallows. [2 ounces]
Mucil Sim Lini [1 ounce]
Orange flower water [2 ounces]
White sugar & Dist water.
q.s. for [2 pounds] of syrup.
used much in Chronic catarrhs,
rheumatism, etc.

X The pectoral flowers are those
of the Mallow, Althea,
gnaphalium, Tussilago. Violet
& Red Poppy. ----

Page 52
Opiate for Gonorrhea.
[Recipe]. Bals. Copaiv.
96. Pulv. Cubeb. aa [2 ounces]
Alumenis [1 dram]
Ext. Opium gr. V.
Incorporate the whole carefully,
[1 dram]. Night & morn. In the pulp
of a prune, and the dose rap-
idly increased to [2 drams]. morn.
& even. Injections used if the
disease remains stationary.
---- Creosote Pills in
Acute Rheumatism.
[Recipe]. Creosote [1 dram]
97. P. Rad. Althea. q.s. fit.
Pil CX (110) 4 or 5 morn
& evening.