Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Him. Oint.,Powder used in Intermellent,Gonorrhea


Page 49
Mode of giving Copaiva.
[Recipe]. Bals. Copaiv. f. [2 drams].
92. Pulv. Acacia. [2 drams].
Sacch Alb. [3 drams].
Liq. Potassa. f. [half dram].
Spir. Myristica. f. [1 dram].
Aqua. f. [6 ounces].
ft. mist. Capiat cochlearia.
ii ter die.
The mouth and fauces [sic] should
be washed with some
mild diluent as it is apt
to leave a caustic taste
in the mouth.
Littell Month. Jorn.
Foreign Medicine
Vol 11. Page 422.

Page 50
Gonorrhea & Gleet.
[Recipe]. Mur. Tr. Ferri [1 dram]
93. Spt. Nit. Dulc. [8 drams]
Capt. Gtt. XL ad LX bis vel
ter in die in Aqua distillata.
Ointment for Itch.
[Recipe]. Litharge [1 ounce]
94. Olive Oil [4 ounces]. M.
Heat over moderate fire, stirring
continually till it acquires a
slightly blackish colour.
A. Jour. Pharmacy.