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Physician's Journal Cover


  • Cathartic,Indigestion,Anodyne


Page 47
Godfrey's Cordial.
[Recipe]. Infuse [9 ounces] of Sassafras.
90. Carraway Seeds.
Corriander Seeds.
Anise Seeds. aa [1 ounce].
Aq. Pura Vi. pts.
Simmer to iV. pts.
Then add treach. [pounds]. Vi.
Boil the whole for a few
minutes; when it is cold
add Tinct Opii. f.[3 ounces].
Paris Pharmacologia.

Page 48
Anthelmentic Emulsion
[Recipe]. Infusion Senna f. [10 drams]. ;
91. Syrupi Rhamni f. [1 dram]
Confre. Scammon [2 scruples]
Copaiva. M.XXX.
Olei Terebinth Rectefec. F. [6 drams].
Rite misceantur ut fiat-emulsio,
Qua hora matutina sumater.
This is a dose for an adult
having no centra-indicative
semtoms [sic]: the patient should
take it in about 4 or 5 O clock
in the morn. & after endeavour [sic] to
sleep begins to produce cath. effects
in 4. ho. If not s. tea s. full. Confec. Seam [sp ??]
mony or [half ounce] Ol. Recini. this vermifuge
follows? by bitters, Iron, [etc. ??]