Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Pomatum to Prevent the Hair from Falling Off,Ointment For Itch,Gonorrhea


Page 45
[Recipe]. As much black snakeroot
87. as you can grasp between the
thumb & middle finger, steep
in one quart of Iemaca [sic] rum
48 hours. One pound new nails
(free from rust) steeped in one
qt. of cider vinegar 48 hours
each drawn off & added togeth
er to be simmered in an
iron vessel down to 1 qt. cov-
ered with a pewter vessel
add while simmering togeth
er 1 [pound] of brown sugar, keep
it stirred while simmering.
A wine glass full Morn. Noon,
& Eve; abstain entirely from milk.

Page 46
Lotion for Itch.
[Recipe]. Mur. Ammon. [1 dram].
88. Oxymur. Hyd. [half dram].
Aq. foul. [8 ounces]. M.
Sarsparilla Beer
[Recipe]. Rio Negro Sarsa. bruised [2 pounds].
89. Cort. Guaiac. Powd. [8 ounces].
Guaiac wood (rasped)
Sem. Arrisi
Rad Glycyrrh. aa [4 ounces].
Cort. Rad. Mezereon. [2 ounces].
Treacle [2 pounds].
Bruised cloves. 1 Doz.
Pour on 4 gal. boiling water & shake
the vessel thrice a day. When ferment.
begins use A. s. tumbler full 2 or 3 times a day.
U.S. Dispen. Page 590.