Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Purgative for Children,Indigo in Epilepsy,Chloruret of Lime in Gonorrhea


Page 43
Yellow Wash.
[Recipe]. Hyd. Chlor. Corrosive [1 scruple].
82. Aq. Calcis [8 ounces]. M.
[Recipe]. Infus. Bucu. [8 ounces].
83. Tinct. Bucu [1 ounce].
Tinct. Cubeba. [1 ounce]. M.
One [ounce] 3 times daily & with
It muriated Tinct Ferri.
[Rcipe]. Nitric Acid. [2 drams].
84. Tinct. Opii gtt. L.
Aqua. pura. [2 ounces]. M.
Teaspoon full 3 or 4
times daily.
Wednesday. May 17 th. 1843.

Page 44
[Recipe]. Salts Tartar. [2 drams].
85. Spts Ammonia [2 drams].
Cinnamon water [4 ounces]. M.
Useful combination to relieve
those distressing sensations ex-
perienced by dyspectic [sic] persons
after eating a full meal; to
be taken in a wine glass full
of Ginger tea in doses of a
table spoon full or two when-
ever the distress is felt.----
[Recipe]. Sulph. Querea. [1 dram].
86. Aq. Comph. [2 ounces].
Sulph Morph. gr. [half]
Acid. Sulph. gtt Vi. [half] Solut.
Table spoon full in any agreeable
fluid -- Bell & Stokes.