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Physician's Journal Cover


  • Mode of Giving Copaiva,Gonorrhea & Gleet,Ointment for Itch


Page 39
[Recipe]. Pulv. Scilla. exsciccat. gr. iv.
73. Pulv. digitalis gr. X.
Submur Hyd. gr. VI.
G. Myrrh. [1 scruple]
Simul tene, et adde
G. Assafoetida [half dram]
Ext Gentian q. s. M.
Divid in pil. 15. One 3 times daily.
Solution Hydreodate Potass.
[Recipe]. Hydreo. Potash [half dram]
74. Aqua. Pura. [1 ounce]. M.
From 10 to 20 Drops grad -
ually increased.-----

Page 40
Doct. Byrd's Recipe
[Recipe]. Walnut bark. 11 parts.
75. Prickley ash root 1 "
White ash root.
Wild cherry tree bark. 1 part.
Make the decoction as strong as poss-
ible add to 1 quart of it one quart of
Rum and one pint of molasses and
gill to be taken at bed time and
half the quantity in the morning.
Solidified Balsam Copaiva.
[Recipe] Bals. Copaiva [1 pound]
76. Carb Magnesia [1 ounce] Mix
intimately in a mortar in a
few days it will solidify.----