Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Dropsy,Lotion for Itch,Sarsparilla Beer


Page 37
Chronic pemphigus.
[Recipe]. Powd. digital. gr. ii.
67. Submur. Hyd. gr. I.
Powd. Opii. gr [half]. M.
Three times daily. Eberle.
[Recipe]. Strong Infusion of Digital.[sp???]
68. in a case of inveterate Itch.
Eberle. Therapen. –
Serofulous affections.
[Recipe]. Ext. digitalis [half dram].
69. Ext. cicuta [1 dram].
Antem. pracipet. anri [1 scruple].
Submur Hyd. gr. X. M.
Ten grams taken mornings
and evenings.

Page 38
Chronic Cough.
[Recipe]. Tinct. digitalis. [half ounce].
70. Tinct tolutan [1 ounce]
Tinct Opii. [1 dram] M.
40. Drops 3 times daily.
[Recipe]. Pulv. digitalis. gr. VI.
71. P. Nit. Potass. [1 dram and a half]
Submur Hyd. gr. IV. – M.
D. into ten equal parts - one every
two hours; as an antiphlogistic
in inflammatory affections.
Cataplasma digitalis.
[Recipe]. Fol. digit. sicc. [3 ounces]. or recent [4 ounces].
72. Aqua. [2 pounds]. Coque ad dinudum
strain & with linseed meal make
a poultice. Eberle. Therapen