Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


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Page 35
Bree's Formula in Asthma
[Recipe]. Tinct. Scilla. gtt. X.
62. Acidi nitric. gtt. VI.
Ext. hyoscyam. gr. III
Aq. fontana. [1 ounce and a half]. M.
Feat. haustus, horis tertiis vel quar-
Tis durante paracismo repeten-
dus. (Eberle. Therapenties.)
Hooping cough.
[Recipe]. Tinct belladon. [half ounce]
63. Tinct Scilla. [1 ounce]. - M.
from 10 to 20 drops 3 times
daily to children between one
& five years old. Ibid.

Page 36
chronic hysteria.
[Recipe]. Ext. belladon. [1 scruple]
64. G. assafoetida [I dram]
G. aloes. socc. gr. XV. M.
D. in 30 Pills. 1 taken 2, 3, or 4 times daily.
----- Chronic Rheumatism.
[Recipe]. Tinct. guaici. volat. [2 ounces].
65. Ext. aconite. [1 ounce].
Vin Antimonii. [1 ounce]. M.
A teaspoon full 3 times daily. ---
Chronic hysteria.
[Recipe]. Fol. aconite [2 ounces].
66. Liq. anod. Hoff. [8 ounces]. – M.
Digest for 3 days. -15 to 20 drops
4 times daily. acterr preparation
used with much benefit in chronic
hysteria with nervous pains in
the abdomen. – Eberle Therapenties