Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Chronic Pemphigus,Serofulous Affections,Chronic Cough


Page 33
periodical Colic.
[Recipe]. Sulph. Quinine gr. [1 and a half]
57. Sacch Alb. [1 dram and a half]
Aq. font. [1 ounce and a half]. sol.
Tea spoonful every ho. In absence of pan[sp??]
Duvres on Children [sp??]
Painful Diarrhea.
[Recipe]. Pulv. Camph. gr. XXIV.
58. Submur. Hyd. gr. XXXVI.
Sulph. Morph. gr. II.
Conserv. rosa. q. s. -- M.
Divide in 12. Pil. One
taken every hour. ------
[Recipe]. Pulv. Camph. [half dram]
59. P. Nit. Potass [1 dram]. M.
D. in 6 equal parts. I every hour.
palliative in after pains.

Page 34
Typhiod [sic] fever with delirium.
[Recipe]. Pulv. camph. [1 dram]
60. Pulv. g. Arabic. [2 drams]
Sacch albi [half ounce]
Aq. fontana. [8 ounces]
Spt. Nit. Dulc. [3 drams]. M.
A table spoon full every 3 or 4 ho.
[Recipe]. G. Camph. [3 scruples]. solve in
61. Aether sulph. [1 dram] adde.
Tinct Opii [2 drams]. -- M.
from 30 to 40 Drops to allay
excepive [sic] vomiting unattended
with fever; & as an aritispas --
modic in hysteria.
Eberle. Therapenties.