Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Periodical Colic,Painful Diarrhea,Dysmenorrhea,Typhoid Fever with Delirium


Page 31
Mixture for irritability of
the stomach & vomiting in
Bilious Fevers.
[Recipe]. Potass. Carbonas [1 dram]
53. Gum Arabic [2 drams]
Tinct Opii gtt. XXX.
Ol. Menth. gtt. X.
Aq. font. [5 ounces]. M.
Table spoonful every half hour.
[Recipe]. Hydrothorax.
Ferriar's prescription.
[Recipe]. Ext. Elaterii gr 1.
Spt. Ether. Nitros. une. ii
Tinct. Scilla.
Oxymel. colchic. sing. une. [half]
Syrup rhamni. une. 1.
ft. Solut.
Capt. drach. 1. 4 aqua.
pauxello. Ter quarter-ve in die.

Page 32
The following still more effectual
[Recipe]. Gamboq. gr. 4.
55. Elaten. gr. [half].
Spt. Nit. D. [dram] 4.
Aq. font. [4 ounces]. M.
Table spoonful every 2 hours.
Chap. Therapeutics.
Vol. 1. Page 300.
Colic. May 12th 1843
[Recipe]. Magnes Alb. ust. [1 scruple]
56. Tinct. Fated. gnt. LX
Tinct. Theb. gnt XX
Aq. Font. [1 ounce]. M.
20 gtt. given in a little sweetened
water, & if not relieved in 1/2 hour
10 gtt. more -- for a child from 2.
Weeks to a month old.
Dewees on Children P. 311.