Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Mixture for irritability of the stomach & vomiting in Bilious Fevers,Colic


Page 29
[Recipe]. Gum Guiiac. [1 dram].
50. Pow. Rhai. [2 drams].
Supertart. Potass. [1 ounce].
Flor. Sulph. [2 drams].
Pow. Nutmeg. lv. 1. ft.
Electuary with 1. lb. of
clarified honey. 2 large
spoons full taken night & morn.
Paris's Pharma wlegia- [sp?]
[Recipe]. Magnes. Alb. Ust. gr. XII.
51. Tinct. Thebiac gtt III
Sacch. Alb. q. s.
Aq. Font. [1 ounce] M.
Teaspoon full every 2 hours -- until
bowels are tranquil.-----

Page 30
Something resembling Swain's Panacea.
Syrup de Chusimer.
[Recipe]. Sarsaparel. [2 pounds]
Flor. Borag. [2 ounces]
____ Rosm
Fol. Senna
Sem. Anis aa [2 ounces]
Mil. Aa [2 pounds]
Made into a syrup according to the
common proofs & add 1 gr. Corros.
Sub. to the [pound] as may be deman-
Ded. Guaiac. may be added, in the
proportion of 5 or 6 oz. -- and to give
a pleasant odour [half ounce] of Leg. Amody
Haffman. Dose [1 ounce] several times
a day. --- Chap. Therapenties
Vol. 1. Page 363.