Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Expectorant in Acute Chronic Bronchitis,Antispasmodic in Asthma,Renal Dropsy complicated with Bronchiti,Dry Bronchitis


Page 25
Expectorant in Acute Chronic Bronchi-
[Recipe] Decoct. Polygala Senega. [ounce]V.
41. Surup. Tolu. [half ounce].
Tinct Opii Camph
Tinct Scilla. aa [2 drams]
Carb. Ammonia grs. XV or XX
Antispasmodic in Asthma.
[Recipe]. Tinct. Hyosciamis. [half dram].
42. Acetas Scilla. [half dram].
Vinum Ipecac. [half dram].
Camph. Mixt. [1 ounce].
given for a dose.

Page 26
Renal Dropsy complicated with
[Recipe]. Balsam Copaiva [1 dram]
43. Camph. Mixt
Cinnamon water
Gum Arabic. Mix. [ounce]. IV.
1.Oz. Taken 3 times a day.
Dry Bronchitis.
Good Expectorant.
[Recipe]. Gum Ammon.,
44. Gum Arabic.,
Sacch. alb. Singul. dr. ii.
Balsam Copaiva dr. [half]
Aqua Cinnamerni oz. IV.
Teaspoon full every hour and
a half. ---
Stokes & Bill Practica
Vol. 11. P. 42.