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Physician's Journal Cover


  • Diet Drink of Queens Delight,Alterative Expectorant Pills


Page 23
Diet Drink of Queens Delight.
[Recipe]. Fol. Senna. [2 drams]
38. Sarsaparilla [2 ounces]
Tr. Slellengia [half ounce]. put
the two first ingredients into 2 pts.
of water & dinner on a slow
fire down to 1. pt. where the other
should be just in & the whole sweet-
ened with honey or sugar.
1/2 pt. through the day or less if it
operate too severe on the bowels.
Useful in Chronic Syphilitic &
Cutaneous affections. ----

Page 24
Ioduretted Sol. of Hydreo. of Potash.
[Recipe]. Hydried. Potash ???
39 Iodine grs. V.
Aqua Pura. [ounce] IV dose
Table spoonful Morn & Eve.
Alterative Expectorant Pills.
[Recipe]. Gum Assafoetida ???
40. Pulv Ipecac grs. XV.
Pulv. Rad. Poly Senega. [half dram].
Sulph Quinine grs. XV
Make 30 pills. One taken
three times daily.---------