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Physician's Journal Cover


  • Remedy for Ptyalism,Gonorrhea Mixture


Page 21
Remedy for Ptyalism.
[Recipe]. Iodine. grs. 11.
34. Alcohol. [2 drams]
Dissolve & add.
Aqua. Cinnamon. [2 ounces and a half]
Syrup. Simplex. [1 ounce and a half].
Taken in 24 ho. In [dram]. Doses.
Gonorrhea Mixt.
[Recipe]. Balsam. Copaiva [2 drams].
35 Pulv Piper. Cubebs. [4 drams].
Pulv. Opii. grs. II.
Make into a paste & Divid [sic]
into six parts take one
three times a day.

Page 22
Gonorrhea Mixture.
[Recipe]. Bals. Copaiva [2 ounces and a half]
36. Spt. Nit. Dulc. [half ounce and 2 drams].
Spt. Lav. Comp.
Spt. Turpentine
Mur. Tr. Ferri aa [2 drams]
Aq. Pura. [1 ounce]
Teaspoonfull 3 times daily.
Iodine in salivation & Mer. Ulcers.
[Recipe]. Iodine V. grs.
37. Alcohol [2 drams]
Aq. Cinnamon [2 drams and a half]
Sem. Syrup. [half ounce]. a teaspoon
Full 4 times daily, increased a tea-
Spoonful each day.