Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Hydrar. Iodium,Hydrar. Biniodium,Quinine Pills


Page 19
Hydrar. Iodium.
[Recipe]. Submur Hydrar. [1 ounce].
30. Iodine [5 drams].
Alcohol s. quantity.
Rub the mercury & Iodine
together adding the alcohol
gradually until the glubules
disappear. Dry the powder
immediately with a gentle
heat without light. Keep
well stopped.
[Recipe] Hydrar. Biniodium
31. Submur Hyd. [1 ounce]
Iodine [10 drams]
Alcohol s. quantity
prepared as the above.

Page 20
Quinine Pills
[Record]. Di-sulp. Quninine. ???
32. Pulv. Opii gr. II. M.
it adde {sic] syrup. Q.s. set fit Mass {sp???}
In pil X. dividend.
Solut. Sulph. Quinine.
[Recipe]. Di-Sulph. Quinine ???
33. Aqua. Mentha. Vivid. [4 ounces].
Acid Sulphuric IV gtt {tt superscript}???
Sulph Morphine [half] gr.
M. ft. Solutio.
Table spoon full every two hours
during the interval between
the paroxysm.
Stokes & Bill. practica
Vol. 2. P. 606.