Delmonico Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida.

Delmonico Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida.

Published Date

  • ca. 1961

Geographic Term

  • Miami Beach.


The Delmonico has more of what you came to Miami Beach for!
$4.50 per person
Double Occupancy
Not to December 20th
50 of 150 Rooms
Add $3.00 for deluxe brunch & dinner
We Guarantee these rates!
Luxury - excitement - professional entertainment -
dancing nightly - the beach and pool and fun through-
out your stay. Located in the fashionable "Sixties"
the Delmonico is one place where Luxury and Service
are offered at reasonable rates.
Special family rates and large rooms to accom-
modate up to four person comfortably.
Shares arranged for single guests.
Completely air conditioned.
Typical Menus
Breakfast Menu
Florida Grapefruit or Orange Juice
Sliced Oranges Delmonico - Whole Oranges
Sliced Bananas (in cream)
Prune Juice - Pineapple Juice - Stewed Prunes
Baked Apple - Melon (in Season)
Corn Flakes All Bran Shredded Wheat Puffed Rice
Cream of Wheat Oatmeal Farina Cream of Wheatena
Rice Krispies Pep Wheaties
(Served with Milk or Cream)
Choice of
Two Eggs (as desired) with Ham, Bacon or Sausages
Wheat Cakes, Maple Syrup and Sausages
Waffle, Maple Syrup and Bacon
Spanish Omelette
Jelly Omelette
Toast - Home Baked Sweet Rolls
Coffee Tea Milk
Dinner Menu
Chilled V-8 Health Juice
Stuffed Pear a la Rose
Fresh Fruit Supreme
Anchovies Chiffondale
Iced Half Indian River Grapefruit
Eggs a la Russe
Potage a la Reine
Cold Vichyssoise en Tasse
Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, au Jus
Prime New York Sirloin a la Minute
Baby Lamb Chops au Cresson
Roast Long Island Duckling, Apple Sauce
Milk-fed Veal Cutlet, Tomato Sauce
Royal Squab Chicken, Crab Apple
Roast Young Vermont Turkey, Sage Dressing
Baked Virginia Ham, Champagne Sauce
Broiled Filet of East Coast Red Snapper, Victoria
Fried Shrimp, Tartar Sauce
Broccoli Hollandaise Rose Bud Beets au Beurre
Asparagus Polonaise
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Baked Idaho Potato
Rissole Potatoes
Salad (as desired)
Home-Baked Dinner Rolls
Frozen Cream Puffs Parisienne
Strawberry Chiffon Pie
Chocolate Layer Cake
Raisin Cake
Fruit Compote
Assorted Cookies
Fruit Jello, Whipped Cream
Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee Tea Milk Sanka Postum Buttermilk
Iced Tea Iced Coffee
The Delmonico Hotel on the Ocean at 64th St. Miami Beach