Here is your opportunity to secure the genuine formula for Dentaperl [tooth pearl] tartar off the teeth.

Here is your opportunity to secure the genuine formula for Dentaperl [tooth pearl] tartar off the teeth.

Published Date

  • ca. 1934

Geographic Term

  • Tampa.


  • ''A liquid, put up in small bottles, which when applied to the teeth makes yellow, discolored or tobacco stained teeth as white as snow. Removes all discolorations and stains and makes the teeth shine and glisten like polished Ivory. Costs practically nothing to make and with the selling method I supply, you can place it in EVERY Drug, Candy and Cigar Store.''


This is entirely different from tooth pastes and powders-it is a new Scientific
product-there is nothing now put up like it - and one concern claims that one
man sold 15,000 bottles of their product in one month.
I not only supply the correct formula for this red liquid, but I give full
and complete information for putting it up and a plan that is being used
with WONDERFUL SUCCESS which will enable you to place this in every store
and in a short time have hundreds of dollars coming weekly.
I recommend that it be put up 13 bottles to an easel card- I give full and
complete source of supply for everything needed; all materials, etc. which are
obtainable from your nearest drug concern. I tell you where to get the Stand Pat
easels, in fact I tell you all that is necessary to put up this product and sell it-
as stated above or through Agents and Specialty Salesman and other ways.
You will never get a long way with the old commonplace, worked-to-death
products that everybody is making and selling-the only way to reap REAL
SUCCESS is to grasp opportunities at once and get this on the market and
"clean-up" while the "slow ones" are "thinkin'" about it. I have seen two stores
sell a card of this an hour when they first got it in. It is something that appeals
to everyone-and put up in a neat package with a pretty lithographed label-
and I'll tell you where to get them at lowest price-you will certainly be sur-
prised at this REAL MONEY MAKER.
This is going to be offered to YOU once- this time, now only- and if you
don't secure it promptly- later it will perhaps be your loss and disappointment.
Only one person in each large area of territory can get it and the World is
their field.
I have made the price of the Formula and Information very low indeed.
I offer the only correct and IMPROVED Formula for the genuine original pro-
duct- and here is something that you can back with your unlimited guarantee
to give entire satisfaction at the same time make a profit of more than 20 cents
on every 25-cent bottle sold- CAN YOU BEAT IT? I know you can't.
THE FORMULA IS $10.00- This includes all the required information, selling
plans, etc., for making it "GO" big- I say again, DON'T DELAY. My propositions
do not beg for buyers- All I have to do is to say to my friends and clients of
the Manufacturing trade- I'VE GOT IT!
Send your order today- and remit by Certified Check, Postoffice or Express
Money Order or by wire and address.
H. Liscomb Miller
26 Years Supplying Information for making the Biggest Sellers
Tampa, Florida