Be sure you get the original Tydings' 'Turpentine man's' remedy.

Be sure you get the original Tydings' 'Turpentine man's' remedy.

Published Date

  • published 1939

Geographic Term

  • Ocala.


  • Advertisement for a druggist's particular remedy.


Order Blank
We ship the medicine within 24 hours after your order is received. If you do not receive your goods with-
in 10 days write us at once, so we may trace same. Do Not Delay.
Tydings & Co., Ocala, Florida
Dear Sirs: - I am sending you enclosed with this order $ 1.50 Please send me at once
the following:
1 Bottles Tydings' Turpentine Man's "Remedy @ $1.50
[blank] Boxes Tydings' Blossoms .10 and .25
[blank] Boxes Tydings' Special Purgative, weaker than Blossoms .10 and .25
[blank] Bottles Antiseptic Wash (Female) @ .65
[blank] Bottles Red for male and female, to take @ .65
[blank] Bottles Black, for men @ .65
[blank] Tydings' Kidney and Backache Plaster @ .30
[blank] Boxes Tydings' Healing Calomel Powders (White) @ .15
[blank] Boxes Tydings' Healing Carbolic Calve, @ .15
[blank] Bottles Tydings' Compound Extract Sarsaparilla with
Iodide, Potash and Iron @ .70
[blank] Bottles Tydings' Terkeeween Oil @.50
[blank] Bottles Tydings' Fos-Fo-Tone (Manhood) @ 1.35
[blank] Boxes Tydings' Pink Manhood Tablets @ .50
[blank] Tydings' Carbolic Healing Soap, per cake @ .15
[blank] Tydings' Arkansas Chill and Fever Tonic .25 and .50
Total $1.50
Sign Name Here [signature] Mrs. Irene Coffs
P.O. Address Hallsboro N. co.
Date Feb. 20 1939 R.F. D. No. #1 Box 33
To Tydings & Company
P.O. Box 738 Ocala Florida
Send Post Office Money Order, Stamps, or Register your letter with cash in it.