Advertisement by Catts Realty Company in DeFuniak Springs for land near Moore Haven

Advertisement by Catts Realty Company in DeFuniak Springs for land near Moore Haven


Moore Haven Muck Shipped by the Carload for Fertilizer. Moore Haven, July 4-I. P. Jepson has brought contracts back from Tampa this week for 100 cars of muck. The cars vary in capacity from twenty to thirty tons. Although the price was not disclosed in this contract, it has been running from $5. to $7.50 for the thousands of tons shipped out heretofore, according to the last issue of the Glades County Democrat, of which Wallace Stevens is now editor and manager. Mr Watson has been shipping two cars a day for some time. H. D. Miller is out now booking orders for the muck in big quantities. It can readily be estimated what revenue this is bringing and will bring into Moore Haven. On the slightly elevated land around Moore Haven the muck is of a superior quality and three to four feet deep on the average. It can be removed to a depth of eight inches without affecting the soil at all but even when only four inches are taken at the price of seventy-five cents a ton paid the land owner, he receives over $200 an acre without even lifting his hand at the work. The muck is used because of its high analysis as a filler by the big fertilizer companies. It not only lends richness to the mixture but also prevents caking such as results with sand when used for filler. All the muck lacks in being a complete trucking fertilizer in itself is potash and phosphate in a high percentage. H. D. Miller is working out plans for the installation of a large capacity dryer for the handling of the muck in any season and the ultimate goal will be fertilizer factory at Moore Haven. Figures show that a commercial trucking fertilizer showing the same analysis as the most popular brands now in use can be produced at one-fourth the cost it is now selling for by shipping potash and phosphate to Moore Haven in large quantities and using the muck as a base. --Jacksonville Times-Union. July 5, 1922 From the above statement in the columns of the largest daily in the state one can see that prices on lands around Moore Haven, the County Seat of Glades County, Florida are bound to advance. Those who bought there five years ago have already seen phenomenal advances in price and the future will see still larger ones. We are selling lots in and around Moore Haven ranging in price from $125.00 to $1250.00 owing to size and location. Terms to suit. See us about a lot. Catts' Realty Company DeFuniak Springs Florida


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0061


... contracts back from Tampa this week for 100 cars of muck ... goal will be a fertilizer plant in Moore Haven ... Jacksonville Times-Union, July 5, 1922.'' Reprint of article from Jacksonville Times-Union used in advertisement for selling lots in Moore Haven and Glades County by Catts' Realty Company, DeFuniak Springs. Florida.