Assignee's sale in bankruptcy ... situated in Florida and Alabama.

Assignee's sale in bankruptcy ... situated in Florida and Alabama.

Published Date

  • published 1875

Geographic Term

  • Pensacola.


Assignee's Sale in Bankruptcy,
Steam Saw Mill, Timber Lands, Stores, Houses and Furniture, Logs,
Steamer, Lighters and Booms, &c.,
Situated in Florida and Alabama.
(to be sold as an entirety)

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, the assignee of the Pensacola Lumber
Company, bankrupt, will sell at Public Auction,
On Friday, the 5th day of November, 1875,
At 12 o'clock, noon, of that day,
At the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway,
in the city of New York,
By order of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York,
By Adrian H. Muller & Son, Auctioneers,

The following described real and personal property belonging to the estate of the said bankrupt:
-One large Steam Saw Mill; 28 Dwelling Houses, and Furniture in Manager's house; 1 Store,
Blacksmith and Carpenter Shop and Tools; Wharf and Landing; One large Stern-Wheel Steamer; 9
Lighters; Platform Scales; Office Furniture; 6 Tons Old Iron; 110 T Rails, 12,075 lbs.; 6 Tongue
Switches; 6 open Sockets; 6 Frogs, 3,774 lbs.; 1 large Safe; 1 Watchman's Clock; 1 Mule; 14
Jack Screws; 2 Slab Cars; 1 Wagon; 2 Mule Carts; 2 Single Harness; 1 Double Harness; 1 Mud
Drum; 6 pairs Iron Care Wheels; Pile Driver: 7 Skiffs; 1 Yawl Boat; 11 Lumber Trucks;
1 Grist Mill; 5 Old Iron Boilers; 3 Old Engines, and between 30 and 40 thousand Pine Logs, in
the stream, together with the Booms, &c., and all the appurtenances of a first-class lumbering
establishment. Also, 45,466 57/100 Acres of Pine Lands, contiguous to the Big and Little Escambia
Rivers, in the County of Escambia and State of Alabama. Also, an undivided half interest in 7,688
Acres of Pine Lands, in said County of Escambia and State of Alabama. Also, an undivided half
interest in all the Timber standing on 4,500 Acres of Pine Lands, in the county of Escambia, Florida,
together with undivided half interest in all improvements on the Big Escambia Creek and its tributaries,
and undivided half interest in Booms and all the property connected therewith on the Big Escambia
River, Big Escambia Creek and Pine Barren Creek. Also about 10,000 Acres of Pine Lands in the Counties of
Escambia and Santa Rosa, Florida, and an undivided half interest in 175 acres in said County of
Escambia, Florida. Also, One Store at Whiting, Alabama, at the Junction of the Pensacola & Louisville and Mobile
& Montgomery Railroads, 20 miles north of the Mill. The Mill, Houses, &c. are situated at Molino,
Florida, on the west side of Escambia River, 23 miles north of Pensacola, and on the line of the
Pensacola & Louisville Railroad, whose tracks run into the Mill Yard. The Mill has been recently built is original
in construction, and has many new and valuable improvements; dimensions 85x206 feet; Engine and
Boiler House 65x75; Machine Shop and Fixing Room 38x50. It is provided with 8 Boilers, 2 Engines,
2 Double Circular Saws, 1 Gang, 2 Gang Edgers, Lath Machine, Cutting-off Saws, 2 Screw Cutting
Lathes, 1 Planer (iron), 1 Schenck Wood Planer, and has a capacity of 75,000 feet a day.

The Pine Lands in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, Florida, are situated within easy hauling
distance of the Escambia River and Pine Barren Creek, a tributary of said river. The Pine Lands in
Escambia County, Alabama, are on and adjacent to the Big and Little Escambia Creeks, also tributaries
of the Escambia River, and all good streams for floating logs. There are 8 commodious Dwelling Houses,
for the manager and his assistants, and 20 Cottages for operatives, all pleasantly situated on high land, near
the Mill. The lands have been recently selected, and are among the choicest Pine lands of the South.
The attention of capitalists and lumbermen is invited to this sale as presenting a rare opportunity for
investment. Sale peremptory to the highest bidder. Terms:-10 per cent cash on the day of sale; 40
per cent cash within 30 days; 50 per cent, in six equal promissory notes, with endorser, bearing interest
at 7 per cent, and payable in 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 months from the day of sale, secured by mortgage on
the property. For further particulars apply to the undersigned at his office, No. 56 Wall Street, New
York City, or to Adna C. Conn, Esq. Molino, Florida.

C. Edgar Smith, Assignee,
No. 56 Wall Street, New York.
W. R. Darling, Solicitor for Assignee,
61 Pine Street, New York.