Georgia and Florida meet at Florida Normal College, White Springs, Florida.

Georgia and Florida meet at Florida Normal College, White Springs, Florida.

Published Date

  • ca. 1890

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  • White Springs.


  • ''Most thorough! most practical!! cheapest!!! October 6th will be an excellent time to enter. Music and art departments a specialty. Business course fully equal to those offered in best commercial colleges, at less than half their rates. Full literary course, including classical, scientific and teachers' courses. Complete telegraph department. Shorthand and typewriting made a specialty ... For all information address Mell & Skipworth, White Springs, Fla.''


Hear What Some Georgia People Have to Say of the College and Community.

Florida Normal School and Business College
Editors Dispatch and News:
I have recently returned from a two weeks' visit to White Springs, Hamilton county, Florida, the site of
the Florida Normal School and Business College. This was my second visit to White Springs, having
spent six weeks in May and June 1887, there.
In January, 1887, a Kentucky gentleman, a normal school graduate, came to White Springs, then a
village of about two hundred inhabitants, and started a school with nine pupils, in such a tumble-down,
dilapidated building that really some of our old field school houses would seem almost palatial by the side of it.
A day or two after my arrival at White Springs, in May, 1887, I formed the acquaintance of Professor
Skipworth, and a mutual friendship sprang up, which my recent visit showed an absence of three years
had not lessened. He told me his plans in detail, and invited me to come to his school and witness the exercises,
inspect its workings and see something of the normal school methods. In spite of his enthusiasm, earnestness
and confidence I had my doubts. While I had an idea what a normal school was, it was vague and indistinct, and
the information which he gave me concerning an institution of this character was almost completely at
variance with my preconceived notions. I doubted, I went to the school, I saw and heard, and I was convinced that he
had in no wise exaggerated in all that he had said. I was, and still am, under the impression that I was so
fortunate as to attend some of the best schools in Georgia, but am satisfied beyond a doubt that from the normal
school methods better results are obtained, and in less time, than by any other system which I have seen.
Three years and a half ago White Springs had a school of nine pupils, while now it has the finest educational
institution in Florida, and one of the best in the South. From nine children the roll of the students
has increased to nearly six hundred men and women, almost every county in Florida and thirty-seven
counties of Georgia being represented.
The above statements are neither exaggerations, nor the products of an uncontrolled imagination, but are
facts. C.R. Warren, Hawkinsville, Ga.
C.R. Warren is an attorney in Hawkinsville, Ga., and is also a graduate of the State University of Georgia.

Below is Given a List of Georgia Students who Attended our School Last Year, to
Whom Reference can be Made:
[left column]

Thomas J. Luke, Minnie, Ga.
W.A. Knight, Valdosta "
J.S. Dickerson, Balloon, "
E.L. Patten, Milltown, "
S.B. Paulk, Alapaha, "
J.M. Paulk, " "
E.L. Walker, Patterson, "
Addie Graves, Quitman, "
N.T. Pafford, Owlden, "
M.M. Pafford, Willacoochee, Ga.
Missouri Roberts, Statenville, Ga.
D.H. Ogden, Brentwood, Ga.
L.R. Tucker, Vic, "
Maude L. Hodges, Mill Ray, Ga.
Nellie Davis, Savannah "
D.W. Whitley, Minnie, "

[right column]

L.G. Whitley, Minnie, Georgia.
D.W. Moody, Tyson, "
A.A. Parrish, Adel, "
R.L. Bowen, Brookfiled, "
W.M. James, Gordi, "
H.N. Pollock, Apex, "
W.W. McDonald, Pendegrass, Ga.
Ethlyn Mangham, Minton, "
R.G. Dickerson, Dupont, "
L.H. Quarterman, Flemington, Ga.
Lida Hughey, "
Annie Easterling, "
Mattie Phillips, Statenville,"
Mattie Laring, Dawson,"
Lula Young, Newnan, "
Melissa Young, Newnan,"
C.H.Dickerson, Homerville, Ga.

Many others could be given.
For all information address
Mell & Skipworth, White Springs, Fla.