To the thousands of Catts supporters in Florida.

To the thousands of Catts supporters in Florida.

Published Date

  • ca. 1928


  • Side two: Read carefully, then express your opinion.


Read Carefully:
Then Express Your Opinion
Sidney J. Catts was making a public speech at Groveland, Florida, on Monday
night, April 2nd, and all the time he was talking on the subject of Psycho-
Analysis being taught in the Girls College at Tallahassee, he was interrupted
by the rough base voice of a stalwart looking man who was standing
in the semi-darkness, stating that what "Catts said was a Lie and that he
was tired of Catts going over the state with a race-horse man."
Burton L. Mank offered this man one of the Psycho-analysis books as evidence to prove the
statement made by Catts, which is published by the Purity League and the Investigating Committee
and is authentic, to which this man replied, "That he did not want the book and that he
knew it was a lie."
Catts, Mank and other friends started toward this man when he advanced with three of his
friends and hecklers' that had annoyed Catts during his speech. This man had no badge or crutches
whereby Catts could distinguish that he was a wounded or crippled soldier, nor did he wear a
badge stating that his weight was only 130 pounds, for he looked big and healthy.
Therefore: All fair minded men and women can easily realize that Catts nor any of his
crowd had any conception as to his identity, or that he was an ex-service man. He certainly did
not assume the dignity of a Minister of the Gospel, or an ex-service man in his rough and thug-
like approach, especially so, when Catts stated that he would make an attempt to eliminate this
Free Love and Monkey Teaching from the Girls' College, which has proven a disgrace to
the State of Florida and would prove disgraceful even to African cannibals.
Therefore: It is easy to presume that there was some ulterior motive that influenced this
man, "such as money contributed by Jim Carson and Fons Hathaway" in behalf of the interests
of the Cuban Race Track and the interests in their race for the Governorship. To further this
contention the erstwhile telegraph instruments at Groveland, in ten minutes after this occurrence
were thundering messages to headquarters of these candidates and newspapers of the state.
It Was Very Evident That They Had Given this Matter Quite Some Thought
Before Pulling This Frame-Up. It is also presumed that the Baptist Minister and wounded
ex-service man, by the name of John Page Jones, has placed his Legion Post in a very peculiar
position by taking up his Private Fuss between himself and Sidney J. Catts and by airing this
matter as if it were an affair of the American Legion and Catts, when every thinking person can
plainly see that it was a Frame-Up and a personal affair brought on by John Page Jones himself.
It is plain to be seen, that this man seemingly sold his pride and honor to secure notoriety
and publicity at the expense of a public man that is honored and loved by the people whom he
served as Governor during the World's War.
Everybody in the State is familiar with the war record of Governor Catts at Camp Wheeler
and other cantonments, for it is a recognized fact that he has at all times befriended the ex-service
men and proposes to continue to do so, if elected Governor or not.
As evidence of his friendship, he is advocating, that if elected as Governor he will make every
effort possible to have the Automobile License Tags sold and distributed by ex-service men, thereby
giving them employment and the profits derived therefrom, given to the American Legion to be
used for charitable purposes.
Sidney J. Catts has two sons that are ex-service men and are held in the highest esteem by
their fellow soldiers.
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