Hon. Sidney J. Catts, candidate for Office of United States Senator, subject to Democratic Primary.

Hon. Sidney J. Catts, candidate for Office of United States Senator, subject to Democratic Primary.

Published Date

  • published 1920


  • Side two: Gov. Catts requests votes on account of a list of vetoes in which he has greatly helped the people of the State of Florida -- Gov. Catts asks for voters' good will, support and vote on account of the listed things he has done while Governor for the people of Florida.


Hon. Sidney J. Catts, Candidate for Office of United States Senator
Subject to Democratic Primaries, 1920

[left column]
First - Governor Catts asks the vote of the people on
account of the following list of vetoes, in which he has greatly
helped the people of the State of Florida:
1.The Text Book Bill, causing the children to change their
books in 1919 instead of 1921-a loss of from fifty to one hundred
thousand dollars to the people of the State.
2.The veto of the Dog Bill, thus giving the farmers and
all our citizens of the State the right to have his faithful dog
3.The veto of the Riparian Rights Bill, saving the citizens
of Florida five million dollars by not giving away their waterfront
rights. (Had he signed the bill no man, woman or child
could have gone in swimming, dragged a net or fished in the
waters less than navigable depth in front of any shore; and
as it is, the citizens have all the rights between the high-water
mark and the low-water mark.)
4.The General Revenue Bill, a bill in which a shrewd
Chicago lawyer had induced the Legislature to pass enactments
whereby if a person did not pay their taxes at the right time
the added cost to said taxes would be $82.50, though delayed
just a few months and even if the original amount was not
more than $2.50.
5.The veto reducing the millage of the State Board of
Health, thus safeguarding the health of all men, women and
children of the State of Florida.
6.An Act to safeguard the rights of poor fishermen on
the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.
7.He also stood for the safeguarding of the six million
dollars of the Road Fund.
8.Also bill which would have caused the arrest of any
locomotive engineer or fireman who had a train stopped longer
than ten minutes on a crossing. (He vetoed this bill because
it would put the penalty on the operator and not on the company,
which would be wrong, thus protecting the brave engineers
and firemen who risk their lives for the people.)

[right column]
1.He vetoed the bill which would have allowed final settlement
by executors and administrators one year and kept it at
five years, thus safeguarding the orphans' and widows' rights.
2.He also vetoed a bill to provide water supplies for
cities and towns, getting said water from canals and allowing
said cities to sell rights to corporations without paying anything
to the State.
Second.-Governor Catts asks your good will, support
and vote on account of the following things which he has done
while Governor for the people of Florida:
1.He has given the people better official services by removing
bad officers and encouraging good ones to do their
duty. This has resulted in the people having better official
service than ever before in the history of Florida.
2.He has forced the State to go dry by the help of the
Women's Christian Temperance Union, Anti-Saloon League and
the Prohibition members of the Legislature, thus putting Florida
on the map as the 16th State to adopt the Federal amendment.
3.He has taken a firm stand for the people against corporations
in all of his legal dealings of the State, and, while he
has tried to be just to all, yet he is with the people all the way
4.He has worked hard and fearlessly for law enforcement
in every department of the State and National service.
5.He went to Camp Wheeler when others were being wined
and dined in Washington, and fought like a tiger to get the
poor dying boys the necessary clothes, nurses, food, overcoats,
stoves, wood to burn, etc., in order that the terrible pneumonia,
meningitis and other kindred diseases might be stamped out of
the camp. He bogged around knee-deep in snow on the streets
of Washington for four days, sending telegrams, etc., and never
stopped until a trainload of these things came to Camp Wheeler.
6.He, together with Captain Anderson, the Local and District
Boards, physicians, lawyers, etc., gave to Florida the best
draft service in the whole United States, our cost for getting
soldiers to the front being $2.17 apiece, one cent lower than
that of Oklahoma, and the same work done in Georgia cost the
United States Government over $7.00. Does this not show the
greatest efficiency, especially when we say further that as far
as the Governor or Captain Anderson were concerned, no man
ever escaped the draft service!
7.Governor Catts stands for the common people, he himself
being an ordinary, every-day Florida Cracker, and he
stands against the Plutocratic power which others in this race
will stand for.
Third.-Governor Catts is a plain, straight, every-day
Baptist and is not ashamed to confess that he believes that
Christ is the Son of God, and if elected to the United States
Senate will stand for the following things:
1.The curtailment of immigration.
2.He will stand for the right of every Protestant minister
to be allowed to enter any camp or cantonment of the United
States Army or Navy at any time, whether at peace or war, and
have same rights as a priest.
3.He will stand for the development of Florida; the digging
of her canals, erection of her public buildings, encouraging
commerce, the development of her cities; and with the same
fearless determination with which he has fought for other
things, he will fight on the floor of the Senate, before the departments
in Washington and everywhere else necessary to
fight, until he brings these issues to a successful conclusion.
Being Governor of the State of Florida will make it very
necessary for him to stay at his place of business, and he cannot
canvass this time as he did before, but he believes in every man
who was a Catts man before and who stood against the terrible
Sturkle resolution and decision of the Supreme Court against
the people will stand with him this time, and many more whom
he has won to his side by his championship for the right.
Therefore, he hopes every man, woman and child who receives
one of these posters will get out and hurrah for Catts,
scratch for Catts and work for Catts until he gets to the Senate
and then Catts will scratch for the people.
Work for Catts! Scratch for Catts! Vote
for Catts

T. I. Appleyard, Prister, Tallahassee, Florida