To the friends and supporters of Catts.

To the friends and supporters of Catts.

Published Date

  • ca. 1916


  • Side two: Political biography and platform of Catts -- ''Sidney J. Catts of DeFuniak Springs Florida, the people's candidate for the governor of the state of Florida subject to the Democratic Primary 1916 ... The Catt, the Catholics and whiskey men are fighting .. Mr. Catts will speak at [blank]''.


[left column]
Sidney J. Catts
of DeFuniak Springs Florida
The People's
Candidate for
Governor of the
State of Florida
Subject to the Democratic Primary

The Catt,
The Catholics and
Whiskey Men
Are Fighting

Mr. Catts will speak at

To-night at [blank] o'clock on
the issues here stated. Ladies,
gentlemen and children are invited
to be present. Especially the
Democratic voters of the State
are requested to hear him

[right column]
A [tear] of Alabama but loves his adopted state - Florida and will
use his best endeavors for her betterment.
He is a Baptist preacher a Woodman of the World, a Knight of Pythia
and a Mason. He is also Chaplain of the First Florida Brigade of United

Confederate Veterans, with the rank of Major. Mr. Catts is also State
Manager of the Home's Friend, of Athens, Ga., He has been compared
in his oratory to Wm. L. Yancey, who stirred the South to fury in 1858 to
1860; in his power to sway men by his eloquence, to Henry Ward Beecher
at Plymouth, England, and in his power to charm by the beauty of his
language, to the golden-tongued Frank F. Ellis, of Baltimore. Be sure
you hear him speak during the campaign. Mr. Catts comes before the
people of Florida on the following platform which he will present to the
people of Florida alike, and live up to if elected:
1 - Economy in all parts of the State Government so that the
taxes of the people can be lowered constantly.
2 - Equalization of Taxation, so that the large corporations shall pay
a juster [sic] proportion of taxation.
3 - To help the county, village and town schools in every way possible-
by extending their terms, giving more money to them, giving better teachers
and in every way possible supporting and strengthening them. Dry these
schools up and you dry up the tides of the nation's power. Build them up
and you build the nation up.
4 - Nothing in Florida above the Nation's flag. As Roman Catholicism
puts her allegiance to the Pope above the flag. Mr. Catts stands against her
invasion of the State of Florida in her politics. As Roman Catholicism
opposes our public school system, Mr. Catts opposes Roman Catholicism in
the State of Florida in the realm of education. As Roman Catholicism
believes in the celibacy of the priesthood and the confessional, Mr. Catts
stands squarely against them, and is ready to fight from the State of Florida
this great menace to the peace of home, the maintenance of our public
schools, and the enjoyment of quiet religion at all hazards.
5 - [tear] awake, vigilant and watchful in everything else that will
make for Florida's good.
6 - Longer Pensions for the Old Soldiers
7 - Against the Gunboat over our Fishermen.
8 - In favor of Prohibition.