Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida

Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida

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  • PC6006


  • 19--

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  • Pensacola, Fla., : Prontos photos, 19--.

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  • Accompanying note "Miruela sailed into what is Pensacola Bay in 1516, just twenty-four years after Columbus discovered America, and one hundred and four years before the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. Under five flags has this little city lived and seventeen times has her Government changed. Today Pensacola stands a part of all that has gone before."
  • The Pensacola Lighthouse, 150 feet tall (190 feet above sea level), was first lit in 1859 (it replaced an earlier lighthouse that existed from 1825-1858). Located one mile from Fort Barrancas, it has six revolving lenses, on of which sweeps each point of the horizon every minute. The lenses concentrate the light to 6200 candlepower. It can be seen 22 miles at sea. In 1965, the lighthouse was automated. The adjoining Keeper's Quarters, a brick structure, was built in 1868. The site is located at the entrance of Pensacola Bay on San Carlos Road. In 1974, the facility was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.


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  • 1 postcard - col - 6 x 4 in.

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Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida
Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida

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Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida

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Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida

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Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida . 19--. Color postcard, 6 x 4 in. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. <>, accessed 25 June 2019.


Lighthouse - Pensacola,Florida . 19--. Color postcard. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 25 Jun. 2019.<>.

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