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flc_br0245Advertisement for the Abbott Towers Motel Apartments, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0245.jpg
flc_br0231Advertisement for the Argosy Motel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0231.jpg
flc_br0244Advertisement for the Blair Villas Motel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0244.jpg
flc_br0238Advertisement for the Blue Mist Resort Motel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0238.jpg
flc_br0232Advertisement for the Blue Waters Hotel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0232.jpg
flc_br0242Advertisement for the Delmonico Hotel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0242.jpg
flc_br0237Advertisement for the Desert Inn Resort Motel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0237.jpg
flc_br0218Advertisement for the Du Barry Hotel-Motel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0218.jpg
flc_br0235Advertisement for the Dunes Resort Motel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0235.jpg
flc_br0230Advertisement for the Kimberly Motel, Miami BeachtextMotels/fmp/selected_documents/thumbnails/flc_br0230.jpg
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