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War Food Administration - Fact Sheet on Onions, May 1944

War Food Administration - Fact Sheet on Onions, May 1944

This memorandum was distributed by the War Food Administration, a wartime agency of the United States government tasked with conserving the nation's food supply during the war emergency. Its purpose was to increase consumer demand for onions nationwide at the precise moment these crops were coming into the market so they could be consumed without waste. Such precise item-by-item food marketing was a common practice for the War Food Administration during World War II. The memorandum discusses strategies for encouraging more people to use more onions in their meal planning, and it includes several recipes using onions, including smothered steak with onions, scalloped liver and potatoes, stuffed onions, French fried onions, scalloped onions and peanuts, and cabbage and onion salad.
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s419_b020_f06_02War Food Administration - Fact Sheet on Onions, May 1944TextFood conservation
World War (1939-1945)