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Official Program - Ormond-Daytona Beach Races, 1904

Official Program - Ormond-Daytona Beach Races, 1904

Extensive program for the second annual Ormond-Daytona Beach Races, administrated by the Florida East Coast Automobile Association. The program contains extensive information on early beach racing on Florida's Atlantic coast, including lists of the contestants in the 1903 and 1904 races, along with specifics about the cars they drove, the speeds they achieved, the horsepower of their engines, and other data. The program is also richly illustrated with advertisements for automobiles, parts, lubricants, and other supplies. Advertisers include Autolyte Gas Lamps, the Packard Motor Car Company, the Royal Motor Car Company, the Olds Motor Works, the American Automobile Association, Pope, the Central Automobile Company, the White Sewing Machine Company, FIAT, Darracq, Dewar's Famous Scotch Whiskey, Continental Tires, and the Peerless Motor Car Company, among others.
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Automobile racing drivers
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