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Map of Strait of Florida, 1852

Map of Strait of Florida, 1852

Map of Tampa Bay, 1877

Map of Tampa Bay, 1877

Identifier Title Type Subject Thumbnail
fmc0044East Florida Inland Navigation Sketch, 19th centuryInland navigation--East Florida--Maps, Manuscript.
Canals--East Florida--Maps, Manuscript.
East Florida--Maps, Manuscript.
fmc0174Map of Apalachicola Bay Florida, 1896Florida--Apalachicola Bay--Maps.
Nautical charts--Florida--Apalachicola Bay--Maps.
fmc0080Map of East Coast of Florida from Amelia Island to Anastasia Island, 1871Nautical charts--Florida.
Nautical charts--Florida--Saint Johns River
fmc0079Map of East Coast of Florida, Halifax River to Cape Canaveral (Fla.), 1877Nautical charts--Florida--East coast.
Nautical charts--Florida--Indian River.
Nautical charts--Florida--Banana River.
Nautical charts--Florida--Halifax River.
fmc0095Map of Strait of Florida, 1852Caribbean Area--Maps./FMP/maps/thumbnails/fmc0095.jpg
fmc0082Map of Tampa Bay, 1877Nautical charts--Florida--Tampa Bay.
Nautical charts--Florida--Sarasota Bay.
Nautical charts--Florida--Clearwater Harbor.
Nautical charts--Florida--Saint Joseph's Harbor.
Mexico, Gulf of--Nautical charts.
Gulf Coast (Fla.)--Nautical charts.
fmc0078Map of West Coast of Florida, St. Joseph Bay to Mobile Bay, 1877Nautical charts--Florida--Cedar Key.
Mexico, Gulf of--Nautical charts.
Gulf Coast (Fla.)--Nautical charts.
fmc0043Profile on Line of a Proposed Ship Canal, 1880Canals--Florida--Maps./FMP/maps/thumbnails/fmc0043.jpg
fmc0049Survey Map of East Coast of Florida, 1860Coasts--Florida--Maps.
Nautical charts--Florida--Gulf Coast.
Nautical charts--Florida--Florida Keys.
Nautical charts--Florida--Atlantic Coast.
Gulf Coast (Fla.)--Maps.
Florida --Maps.
Atlantic Coast (Fla.)--Maps.
fmc0075U.S Coast Survey, Florida Panhandle, 1855Coasts--Gulf States--Maps.
Gulf Coast (U.S.)--Maps.