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The Orange: Fruit of Life

The Orange: Fruit of Life

This film chronicles the history of oranges, beginning with animation showing that, "Once upon a time... a miracle occurred and the first orange was born." Then, actors in Spanish costume eat oranges in the oldest-budded orange grove in America, near St. Augustine. Actors dressed as "Indians" jog through the trees carrying oranges and dance. Next, authentic Seminoles eat oranges, followed by more shots of the "Indians." Then, viewers see African-Americans loading barrels of oranges on a floating dock. A great train sequence follows, showing Florida East Coast Railroad Engine No. 153, as a load of oranges is picked up from a horse-drawn wagon. The rest of the film is processing and packaging. Produced by Robert Leahy Studios; sponsored by Minute Maid.
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The Orange: Fruit of LifeThe Orange: Fruit of LifeAfrican Americans
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