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Leonidas Lipovetsky/ J.L. Morgan Farm Family

Leonidas Lipovetsky/ J.L. Morgan Farm Family

In this film, world-renowned classical concert pianist and Florida State University professor Leonidas Lipovetsky discusses composition, piano technique and creativity with a WFSU-TV reporter. He performs a few pieces of music on the piano and comments on the symbiotic relationships of the arts. Members of the J.L. Morgan family comment on farming and rural life on the family farm they operate near Tallahassee. Mr. Morgan discusses changes in agriculture and the evolution of farming implements. Mrs. Morgan is shown hand churning butter in a brief interview. There is commentary from the Morgan children as well. Produced by WFSU-TV.
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Leonidas Lipovetsky/ J.L. Morgan Farm FamilyLeonidas Lipovetsky/ J.L. Morgan Farm FamilyAgriculture
Piano music