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C00379115 year old Charles Lawson with his second prize cattle - Ocala, FloridaLivestock--Showing
Beef cattle
C679801A couple showing their crab catch at Ocala National Forest - Salt Springs, FloridaCouples--Florida--Salt Springs
Fishing nets
Recreation areas--Florida--Salt Springs
C021218A fisherman reeling in a fish on the Oklawaha River in Ocala National Forest - Welaka, Florida.Outboard motorboats
Fishers--Florida--Putnam County--Welaka
C035247A flock of bobwhite quail are raised in the cage at the Ocala Hunting Preserve - Ocala, FloridaNorthern bobwhite
Quail shooting
C022125A hunter ready to shoot a roaming turkey - Ocala, Florida.Hunters--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
Turkey hunting--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
Wild turkey--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
C650322A packing plant of Swift Company - Ocala, FloridaFactories--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
Buildings--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
C026132A racehorse at Ocala Stud Farm :Ocala, Florida.Horse industry--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
Animal industry--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
Horse farms--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
Competition horses
Race horses
PR07718A. T. Thomas Jr. on horse in front of home - Ocala, Florida.Horses
Dwellings--Florida--Marion County--Ocala
N036064Acetylene welding at the NYA's Camp Roosevelt - Ocala, Florida.Workshops
Welders (Persons)
Young men--Florida--Marion--Ocala
Labor camps
Vocational education
New Deal, 1933-1939
Public welfare
N035954ACL station force on the fire truck - Ocala, FloridaFire engines/fpc/general/n035954.gif