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C002131Young women sunbathing - Miami Beach, Florida.Sunbathing
Beaches--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
RC13445Young women posed on a log at the beach - Miami Beach, Florida.Glamour photography--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Young women--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Bathing suits
RC24308Young women enjoying a day at the beach together - Miami Beach, Florida.Young women--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Glamour photography--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Bathing suits
C014844Young woman and young man relaxing on the beach - Miami Beach, Florida.Beaches--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Glamour photography--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Young women
Young men
MS26028Young Men's Hebrew Association at the Alamac Hotel - Miami Beach, FloridaJews--Florida/fpc/mosaic/ms26028.gif
PR14074Young lady shedding detachable skirt before a plunge - Miami Beach, FloridaSkirts
Bathing suits
MS25579Young girl having a tea party on the lawn for a dollJewish women
Jewish girls
PC16237Year 'Round Bathing at 71st Street and Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fla.Postcards
Outdoor recreation--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Bathing beaches--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Recreation areas--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
RC05702Yachts tied up alongside County Causeway - Miami Beach, Florida.Causeways--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
PC07646Yachts moored at Watson Island along the County Causeway near Miami Beach, Florida.Postcards
Bays--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Roads--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Causeways--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Bridges--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Mooring of ships
Boats and boating--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach
Docks--Florida--Dade County--Miami Beach