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Employees of Avis Rent A Car

Employees of Avis Rent A Car

Marina scene at Port St. Lucie.

Marina scene at Port St. Lucie.

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DC812220Boat rentals on the beach at motel - Fort Myers, FloridaMotels--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers
Beaches--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers
Lease and rental services
N048574Boating club members gathered for a day on the water - Leesburg, FloridaBoats and boating--Florida--Lake County--Leesburg
Lease and rental services
Clubs--Florida--Lake County--Leesburg
K010877Car rental counters at the Gainesville Regional Airport.Counters
Airports--Florida--Alachua County--Gainesville
Service industries--Florida--Alachua County--Gainesville
Automobile leasing and renting
Lease and rental services
K893591Child with snorkel gear near cabana rental office at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.Beaches--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
Lease and rental services
Outdoor recreation--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
Skin diving--Equipment and supplies
Boys--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
Children--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
SL35645Employees of Avis Rent A CarAutomobile leasing and renting
Lease and rental services
DC003179Flamingo Marina in the Everglades National Park.National parks and reserves--Florida--Flamingo
Service industries--Florida--Flamingo
Boats and boating--Florida--Flamingo
Lease and rental services
c031316Fredricka Wignall standing at the south side of "Fred's Place" on Card Sound Road.Children--Florida--Card Sound
Bars (Drinking establishments)--Florida--Card Sound
Lease and rental services
Fishing camps--Florida--Card Sound
Girls--Florida--Card Sound
COM07652Honda rental vendor on the beach near the sightseeing tower at Daytona Beach.Clock towers (Towers)
Motor vehicles
Honda motorcycle
Recreation areas--Florida--Daytona Beach
Beaches--Florida--Daytona Beach
Watchtowers--Florida--Daytona Beach
Service industries--Florida--Daytona Beach
Lease and rental services
Towers--Florida--Daytona Beach
DC030192Marina scene at Port St. Lucie.Outdoor recreation industry--Florida--Saint Lucie County--Port Saint Lucie
Marinas--Florida--Saint Lucie County--Port Saint Lucie
Public buildings--Florida--Saint Lucie County--Port Saint Lucie
Lease and rental services
C031305Mooring rental boats - Card Sound, FloridaFather and child--Florida--Card Sound
Mooring of ships
Boats and boating
Lease and rental services
Fishing camps--Florida--Card Sound
Fathers and daughters--Florida--Card Sound