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C006487Washing potatoes at the Wetumpka Fruit Company - Hastings, FloridaAgricultural laborers--Florida--Hastings
Food processing plants--Florida--Hastings
Food processing machinery
C004575A worker adjusting a citrus polisher in a plant of American Machinery Corporation - Orlando, Florida.Agricultural processing plants--Florida--Orange County--Orlando
Food processing machinery
Citrus fruit industry--Employees
FA4288Lee Erixton demonstrating corn shelling with old processor - White Springs, FloridaAgriculture--Florida--Hamilton County--White Springs
Food processing machinery
Occupational groups--Florida--Hamilton County--White Springs
Farm workers--Florida--Hamilton County--White Springs
Projects, Instate
Material culture--Florida--Hamilton County--White Springs
Folklife and folklore projects
C008620Bean processing plant - Belle Glade, Florida.Baskets
Food processing machinery
Food industry and trade--Employees
Food processing plants--Florida--Palm Beach County--Belle Glade
C008621Bean processing plant - Belle Glade, Florida.Beans--Processing
Food processing machinery
Food industry and trade--Employees
Food processing plants--Florida--Palm Beach County--Belle Glade
C009888June McNeil works on extracting honey from combs - Apalachicola, Florida.Beehives--Florida--Franklin County--Apalachicola
Food processing machinery
Beekeepers--Florida--Franklin County--Apalachicola
C038303Grapefruit queen Gail Gore at a canning factory - Hillsborough County, FloridaCanneries
Food processing machinery
Young women--Florida--Hillsborough County
RC15574An in-line extractor extracts the fresh juice from Florida orangesCitrus fruit industry
Food processing machinery
C003994Interior view showing machines in the Hills Bros. packing house in Bartow.Citrus fruit industry--Florida--Bartow
Tropical fruit industry--Florida--Bartow
Fruit trade--Florida--Bartow
Produce trade--Florida--Bartow
Food industry and trade--Florida--Bartow
Agricultural processing industries--Florida--Bartow
Agricultural processing plants--Florida--Bartow
Food processing plants--Florida--Bartow
Fruit processing plants--Florida--Bartow
Agricultural processing
Tropical fruit--Packing
Citrus fruits--Packing
Packing for shipment
Food processing machinery
C038366Plant Industries, Inc. employees processing citrus at the canning house in Plant City.Citrus fruit industry--Florida--Plant City
Tropical fruit industry--Florida--Plant City
Fruit trade--Florida--Plant City
Produce trade--Florida--Plant City
Agricultural processing industries--Florida--Plant City
Food industry and trade--Florida--Plant City
Canned foods industry--Florida--Plant City
Canned fruit industry--Florida--Plant City
Food processing plants--Florida--Plant City
Fruit processing plants--Florida--Plant City
Canneries--Florida--Plant City
Tropical fruit--Processing
Citrus fruits--Processing
Food processing machinery
Women cannery workers
Agricultural processing plants--Florida--Plant City