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DGM0362Battery Sevier at Fort Pickens State Park on Santa Rosa Island.State parks and reserves--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Service industries--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Tourism--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Historic sites--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Coast defenses--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Batteries (Ordnance)
Fortification--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
PC15514Bird's-eye view of Fort Barrancas and San Carlos, and McRee in distance, Pensacola, Florida.Postcards
Service industries--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola
Tourism--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola
Attractions--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola
Fortification--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola
Military weapons
Batteries (Ordnance)
Coast defenses--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola
C681649Children stand on the command post atop the mortar battery at Fort Pickens - Santa Rosa Island, Florida.Military bases--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Batteries (Ordnance)
Coast defenses--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Children--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
K893894Close-up view showing Fort Clinch State Park cannons at Fernandina Beach, Florida.Ordnance
Military weapons
Batteries (Ordnance)
Coast defenses--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Fortification--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Parks--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Recreation areas--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Tourism--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Service industries--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Cannons (Artillery)
State parks and reserves--Florida--Fernandina Beach
RC03264Confederate batteries opposite Fort PickensBatteries (Ordnance)
PR03476Detailed plans and sections of exterior batteries no. 1 and 2.Fortification--Design and construction
Gorges (Bastion components)
Batteries (Ordnance)
C027282Distant view of Fort Pickens taken from a battery in the perimeter - Santa Rosa Island, Florida.Coast defenses--Florida--Escambia County--Santa Rosa Island
Batteries (Ordnance)
PC14137East and South East Angles and Water Battery, Fort Marion, Hot-Shot Oven in Moat, St. Augustine, Fla.Sentry boxes
Hot shot
Batteries (Ordnance)
Attractions--Florida--Saint Augustine
Historic buildings--Florida--Saint Augustine
Fortification--Florida--Saint Augustine
Coast defenses--Florida--Saint Augustine
Military architecture
RC20188Family by the battery area of Fort Clinch State Park - Fernandina Beach, FloridaFamily--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Batteries (Ordnance)
Tourists--Florida--Fernandina Beach
Parks--Florida--Fernandina Beach
RC04983Fort Barrancas barracks - Pensacola, Florida.Sepia prints
Stone structures
Building, Brick
Fortification--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola
Coast defenses--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola
Batteries (Ordnance)
Barracks--Florida--Escambia County--Pensacola