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RC16351Butter works and paddles in dairy lab of the agricultural experiment stationDairy products/fpc/reference/rc16351.gif
RC16348Butter shipper and cartons in dairy lab of the agricultural experiment stationDairy products/fpc/reference/rc16348.gif
RC16347Milk cooler and strainer in dairy lab of the agricultural experiment stationDairy products/fpc/reference/rc16347.gif
RC16288African American man standing in cotton field - Gainesville, Florida.Cotton
African American men--Florida--Alachua County--Gainesville
RC15536View of cows in pasture - Gainesville, FloridaCows
RC15068Radishes from a nematode experiment with cyanides at the University of Florida experiment station farmField experiments
Radishes--Field experiments
RC15052Field of shocked corn - Gainesville, Florida.Cornstalks
Agriculture--Florida--Alachua County--Gainesville
RC15047Field of corn just before cutting and shocking - Gainesville, Florida.Cornstalks
Agriculture--Florida--Alachua County--Gainesville
RC15041Men standing in corn field - Alachua County, FloridaAgriculture--Florida--Alachua County
Men--Florida--Alachua County
RC15031Velvet-bean breeding work - Gainesville, Florida.Farm buildings--Florida--Alachua County--Gainesville
Agriculture--Florida--Alachua County--Gainesville