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Marine Studios - Marineland, Florida.

Marine Studios - Marineland, Florida.

1950 (circa)
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RC15131Kiwanis president feeds bottle-nosed dolphin - Marineland, FloridaBottlenose dolphin
Public marine aquariums
RC15130Marine Studios - Marineland, Florida.Dolphins
Public marine aquariums
PR78226Mayor Haydon Burns of Jacksonville feeding a leaping dolphin at Marine Studios with group from the U.S. mayors conference.Aquatic animals--Feeding and feeds
Aquarium animals--Feeding and feeds
Animal feeding
Animal jumping
Working animals
Public marine aquariums--Florida--Saint Johns County--Marineland
Attractions--Florida--Saint Johns County--Marineland
Tourism--Florida--Saint Johns County--Marineland
Service industries--Florida--Saint Johns County--Marineland
Trained animals
Captive marine animals--Feeding and feeds
Aquatic mammals--Feeding and feeds
Captive marine mammals--Feeding and feeds
Delphinidae--Feeding and feeds
Captive bottlenose dolphins--Feeding and feeds
Tursiops--Feeding and feeds
Bottlenose dolphin--Feeding and feeds
Congresses and conventions--Florida--Saint Johns County--Marineland
Public officers
Local officials and employees--Florida--Duval County--Jacksonville
Municipal officials and employees--Florida--Duval County--Jacksonville
Mayors--Florida--Duval County--Jacksonville
Cetacea--Feeding and feeds
PC5350Air View of Marine Studios, Marineland, Florida./fpc/postcard/pc5350.gif
PC5317Underwater feeding at Marine Studios, Marineland, Florida..Divers--Florida--Saint Johns County--Marineland
Animal feeding
PC5110Mother and baby bottle-nosed dolphin at Marine Studios, Marineland, Fla.Dolphins/fpc/postcard/pc5110.gif
PC5105Feeding Time, 15 feet below the surface at Marine Studios, Marineland, Fla.Divers--Florida--Marineland
PC5084I'll be seeinyuh at Marine Studios - Marineland, FloridaDolphins/fpc/postcard/pc5084.gif
PC3480View through observation portholes, Marine Studios - Marineland, Florida.Aquariums--Florida--Saint Johns County--Marineland/fpc/postcard/pc3480.gif
PC2063A scene in the 7-ton coral reef at Marine Studios - Marineland, FloridaAquariums--Florida--Marineland