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A few Koreshans in Brooklyn, New York.

A few Koreshans in Brooklyn, New York.

1912 (circa)
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KOR1295A couple of Koreshans in a group portrait with friends.Portraits, Group/fpc/KOR/KOR1295.gif
KOR1999A few Koreshans by the gate in front of the Koreshan Unity's Guiding Star Publishing House in Estero, Florida.Koreshanity--Publishing
Manufacturing industries--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Printing industry--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Architecture--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Industrial buildings--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Factories--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Printing plants--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Men--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Publishers and publishing--Florida--Lee County--Estero
KOR1256A few Koreshans in Brooklyn, New York.Men--New York--Brooklyn
Women--New York--Brooklyn
KOR1140Alfred Christensen in a rowboat with a couple of Koreshan Unity sisters.Outdoor recreation--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Boats and boating--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Women--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Men--Florida--Lee County--Estero
KOR1165An early Koreshan outing at Crescent Beach (now Fort Myers Beach).Portraits, Group--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
Beaches--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
Outdoor recreation--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
Religious communities--Florida--Lee County--Fort Myers Beach
Religious groups
KOR1262Annie Ray Andrews, left, with fellow Koreshans aboard their boat.Boats and boating
Outdoor recreation
KOR1983Annie Ray Andrews, seated left, with small group of Koreshan ladies at Bamboo Landing in Estero, Florida.Women--Florida--Lee County--Estero
Landings (Marine structures)
Docks--Florida--Lee County--Estero
KOR1434Bakers at work at the Koreshan Unity in Estero, Florida.Cooks
Bakeries--Florida--Lee County--Estero
KOR1731Bakers at work at the Koreshan Unity in Estero, Florida.Cooks
Bakeries--Florida--Lee County--Estero
KOR0398C.J. Rahn at the entrance gate of Koreshan Unity in Estero, Florida.Roads--Florida--Lee County--Estero