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PR19943Entrance of the John F. Kennedy Space Center - Cape Canaveral, FloridaPublic buildings
PR19945Fire station which furnishes protection for all buildings on the cape - Cape Canaveral, FloridaFirefighting--Equipment and supplies
Emergency vehicles
Fire engines
Buildings--Florida--Cape Canaveral
Fire departments--Florida--Cape Canaveral
Fire stations--Florida--Cape Canaveral
PR19944Giant searchlights stored outside Hanger C - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Hangars
PR19948Polaris ground launching stands which is used in initial test launches - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Launch complexes (Astronautics)
Ground support systems (Astronautics)
PR19947Sign to famous Pad 14 from where all of our earth-orbiting astronauts were first launched - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Signs and signboards
Space programs
PR19949Two complexes support Thor (IRBM) missile which is used as a booster in the satallite program - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Launch complexes (Astronautics)
Ground support systems (Astronautics)
PR19946View of antennae atop a small gray building which is part of the "command destruct" system - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Radar--Antennas
Radar receiving apparatus
c673793View of Apollo 11 leaving the Vertical Assembly Building on the way to the launch pad - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Space programs--United States
Space age
Launch towers
Astronautics and civilization
Space ships
Rockets (Aeronautics)
Launch complexes (Astronautics)
PR19952View of the launch sites antennas - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Radar receiving apparatus
Launch complexes (Astronautics)
Ground support systems (Astronautics)
PR19950View of the launch towers - Cape Canaveral, Florida.Launch complexes (Astronautics)
Ground support systems (Astronautics)