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Swearing in of state cabinet members.

Swearing in of state cabinet members.

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C037861Victor Butler riding in a convertible car with Doyle Conner and Thomas D. Bailey during homecoming celebration in Quincy, Florida.Automobiles, Convertible/fpc/commerce/c037861.gif
RK0153Thomas D. Bailey, Superintendent of Public InstructionPublic officers--Portraits
Cabinet officers--Florida--Portraits
PT01148Thomas D. Bailey, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee--Portraits
Public officers--Portraits
C037856Thomas D. Bailey giving a speech in honor of the homecoming celebration for Victor Butler - Quincy, FloridaCelebrations/fpc/commerce/c037856.gif
PT01151Thomas D. Bailey and Ray Green with Univac computer.Univac computer
Public officers
Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
PT01152Thomas D. Bailey and Ray Green with Univac computerUnivac computer/fpc/political/pt01152.gif
PT00467Swearing in of state cabinet members.Governors--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Courts--Officials and employees
Judges--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Clerks of court
Public officers
Political customs and rites
TD00808BSupreme Court Justice Elwyn Thomas administering oath of office to Commissioner of Agriculture Lee Thompson.Politicians--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Governors--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Public officers
Cabinet officers--Selection and appointment
Judges--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Courts--Officials and employees
Political customs and rites
Manners and customs
Government officials
Statesmen--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
PT04796Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Bailey and men with magnetic computer data tapeCabinet officers--Florida
Portraits, Group
Information storage and retrieval systems
Data tapes
C014794Superintendent of Public Instruction Thomas D. Bailey with a motto - Tallahassee, Florida.Public officers
Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee