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Attorney General Richard W. Ervin

Attorney General Richard W. Ervin

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RC22681Attorney General Richard Ervin looking at painting with secretary Mrs. Marianne CunninghamDecorative arts
Material culture
Boats and boating in art
White collar workers
Public officers
Attorneys general
Cabinet officers
RC22633Attorney General Richard Ervin reacting to news of his appointment to the Florida Supreme Court - Tallahassee, Florida.Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Attorneys general--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Men--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Public officers
RC22691Attorney General Richard Ervin shaking hands with Representative Charles Holley - Tallahassee, Florida.Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Public officers
Statesmen--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Legislators--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Attorneys general--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
TD01611Attorney General Richard Ervin speaking at groundbreaking ceremony for the Florida Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee.Groundbreakings
Government officials
Law enforcement--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Peace officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Sheriffs--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Speeches, addresses, etc
Public officers
Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Attorneys general
Government attorneys
RK0150Attorney General Richard W. ErvinAttorneys general--Portraits
Cabinet officers--Portraits
Pr24582Cabinet members and Supreme Court justices at the funeral for Governor Dan McCarty - Tallahassee, Florida.Manners and customs
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Public officers
Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Judges--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Funeral traditions
Death rites
Rites of passage
Rites--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Belief and custom
Governors--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
RC22639Cabinet members contribute one day's pay for charity - Tallahassee, Florida.Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Conduct of life
Public officers
N048632Cabinet members for Governor LeRoy Collins being sworn in on inauguration day - Tallahassee, Florida.Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Courts--Officials and employees
Political customs and rites
Clerks of court
Judges--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
RC22646Cabinet members in receiving line at Capitol after inauguration of Governor Farris Bryant - Tallahassee, Florida.Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Couples--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Married people--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Manners and customs
Political customs and rites
Public officers
RC22644Cabinet members listening to landowner C.K. Charles' explanation in a meeting - Tallahassee, Florida.Cabinet officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Maps--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Congresses and conventions--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Meetings--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Public officers