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MC0063Florida Governor Millard Caldwell greeting U.S. General J. Wainwright.Public officers
Generals--United States
Armed Forces--Officers
Ex-prisoners of war
PT00233Florida Governor Millard Caldwell greeting U.S. General Wainwright - Tallahassee, FloridaGovernors--Florida
Generals--United States
Armed Forces--Officers
Ex-prisoners of war
C005540General Wainwright - Starke, FloridaCelebrations--Florida--Starke/fpc/commerce/c005540.gif
C005521General Wainwright - Starke, FloridaCelebrations--Florida--Starke/fpc/commerce/c005521.gif
C005519General Wainwright greeting a paratrooper - Starke, FloridaCelebrations--Florida--Starke
Parachute troops
GR0909General Wainwright on a visit, after his release as a prisoner of war - Tallahassee, Florida.Ex-prisoners of war--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee/fpc/granger/gr0909.gif
C005526General Wainwright with two of his cousins - Starke, FloridaCousins
C005537Governor Caldwell and General Wainwright - Starke, FloridaCelebrations--Florida--Starke/fpc/commerce/c005537.gif
RAG041Governor Caldwell shaking hands with General Wainwright during celebration in Starke.Celebrations
Government officials
Dinners and dining
State governments--Officials and employees
Cabinet officers--Florida--Starke
Secretaries of State (State governments)--Florida--Starke
Political customs and rites
Ex-prisoners of war
Armed Forces--Officers
Generals--United States
Public officers
MC0065Governor Millard Caldwell and General Wainwright - Starke, Florida Generals
Governors--Florida--Bradford County--Starke
Armed Forces--Officers
Public officers