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Drawing of Hernando de Soto

Drawing of Hernando de Soto

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PR02980Drawing of Hernando de SotoExplorers in art/fpc/prints/pr02980.gif
PR02983Drawing of Hernando de Soto, his crest, and signatureExplorers in art
Conquerors in art
Signatures (Writing)
PR02984Drawing of Hernando de Soto setting sail to conquer Florida, 1532Explorers in art/fpc/prints/pr02984.gif
PR02985Drawing of Hernando de Soto landing at Tampa BayExplorers in art/fpc/prints/pr02985.gif
PR02986Illustration of de Soto's men finding an IndianExplorers in art
Indians of North America--Florida
PR02987Illustration of de Soto's men and VitachucoExplorers in art
Indians of North America--Florida
PR02988Illustration of Hernando de Soto in the bay of ApalacheExplorers in art
Indians of North America--Florida
PR02990Drawing of Hernando de Soto and his men preparing to cross Long SwampExplorers in art/fpc/prints/pr02990.gif
PR02991Painting of the battle of Mauvila, 1540 (?)Painting
Battles in art
Explorers in art
PR02992Illustration of de Soto's march, 1540Explorers in art/fpc/prints/pr02992.gif