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Ruby Diamond.

Ruby Diamond.

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N042345First annual Live Oak Trail - Tallahassee, Florida.Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc)
Portraits, Group--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
RC01138Florida State College graduating class of 1905 portrait - Tallahassee, Florida.College graduates--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Academic costume
Portraits, Group--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
N044042Sophomore class of 1903 - Florida State College.College sophomores--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Portraits, Group--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
RCK00095Scene from the 1953 Florida State University homecoming parade - Tallahassee, Florida.Crowds--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Parades--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
N045320Ruby Diamond.Older women--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee/fpc/general/n045320.gif